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Chris Bramhall

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Give your business the publicity it deserves by controlling the rankings in Google. We will help you dominate your niche market.

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Our services will help boost the amount of customers to your website, products, and services by using specific Search engine optimization marketing strategies.

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Sit back and watch more revenue come into your business as there will be an increase in the volume of  customers who visit your site and are willing to purchase your services or product as you have the correct customers being lead to your business’ website.

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Have a question or a problem to resolve?  We would be glad to answer them as communication is vital for a business to do well.

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We aim for the highest google ranking for your business against your competitors.

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So you have found a specialist in Johannesburg that guarantees to be an SEO Agency, however in all actuality, you are questioning if they are truly the Search engine optimizing expert that they state they will be. Exactly how are you ready to distinguish the fakes and in addition the incompetents from a man who is an honest to goodness Search Engine Optimization Expert?

When it comes to choosing the right SEO company for your business, you have to make sure that they are the right one for you. This is vital as you are putting a lot of trust, time and money into them to help your business gain the customers that it deserves. SEO is essential to help your business climb its way up to the top of page one of google. Without SEO your competition is snatching your potential customer base and taking your potential income as they are sitting at the top of the google rankings


To make the job easier for selecting the right SEO company, these seven tips will help you to narrow down the search for an affordable, professional, and efficient candidate.


1. Size of Your Company
Double check when choosing an SEO company that they offer customers different price points for different sized businesses. Here at Chris bramhall Social Media Marketing Agency Johannesburg we make sure that we asses our business before quoting you. This is important as SEO is NOT the same for all businesses. Every business has different characteristics and specific marketing strategies are required for that individual company. If you use the same marketing strategies as any other business, your website would not be easy to find and this leads to your business losing vast amount of potential customers.


2. Specific Keyword Optimization
The keyword optimization on your website is a fundamental part of how the search engines rank your pages and how easily the customer will find you during a keyword search. Firstly we analyze your content, then the keywords are optimized, and the alternative ones are suggested to increase your page rank. After this is done you will receive a detailed analysis report showing the keywords that will increase traffic towards your website. for example, We use Johannesburg SEO services or SEO company Johannesburg as keywords in our website.


3. Customer Service
when working with an SEO company, you want to at ease knowing that they are there to help you when questions or concerns emerge. SEO companies must be able to forecast your concerns and offer you expert advice before you even need to worry about asking them.


4. Time
Time is very important when it comes to SEO because you have an enormous amount of competition in your niche trying to climb their way to the top of the google rankings. Every business dreams of being at the top of page one of the google rankings. The SEO company that you decide to work with needs to save you time and money by delivering results within a manageable time frame. If you do not see results within a specific time frame, then the SEO that you are using is not right for your business.


5. Paying for Quality Service
It takes lots of hard work for a search engine optimization company to develop a strategy and to find high-ranking keywords with decent traffic yet low competition. You shouldn’t expect to get the lowest pricing on this service, and you shouldn’t have to pay the highest rate either..If you think that using an SEO expert to do website optimization seems expensive, you need to consider the benefits that it brings to your business. It is not an easy process and by using a SEO expert company  you will gain measurable financial results. It’s just like the saying “you have to spend money to make money”. The easiest way to check the credibility of any SEO company is to look at their ranking. If they come up on the 1st page of for example Johannesburg Social Media Management & SEO expert, SEO agency Johannesburg  or agency searches, you will automatically know that what they have done this for themselves, they can do the same for you.


6. Page Development
Your SEO company will not only perform a detailed analysis of the linking structure within your website, they will show you exactly how they plan to improve upon it.Your SEO company must also concentrate on specific areas of the web page development that will make it more powerful. Well-known keywords must be put in the title tag as customers usually search those keywords and not your company name. Your site URL must be as short, to the point and brief with the usage of the data collected. Adding a keyword or two to the URL is also a great idea. Establish quality connections over mass third party referencing. Also, have your Search Engine Optimization company place a web page map on your site for your guests so they don’t get lost.


7. Understanding the End Game
Before beginning work with the search engine optimization team, they will explain to you how they will increase the publicity to your website by getting you top rankings on Google. The marketing strategies they utilize will bring more targeted customers to your webiste, which in turns grows your customer base and revenues.


These tips should work as a guideline for you when choosing the right search engine optimization company that offers you an affordable SEO service.


So complete the Discovery Form today and let’s see what I can do for your business. This will include a 5-10 min free ‘done for you’ assessment of your current website and social media presence.